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Well yesterday at work was hellish, filled with viruses and fail but I am about
to have a sausage butty and head over the moors (sticking to the path of course)
with young Ginger Spice (Eddy) and we'll see you kids in the pub ;)

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Bike Name Suggestions

Well, I've just spend the day zooming about town and came back to clean the Bike. After cleaning it I have finally decided It needs a name, Currently we have veera after jaynes favourtie gun in Firefly ("See veera, you put on something nice and you get taken out")
so any other suggestions :D

My FZS Fazer 600 2003 )
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I was running a cable from the battery to my tomtom cradle today and I though since
I am under there I'll fit my heated grips (the irony of fitting heated grips when summer
is approching is not lost on me). The problem occured with the throttle grip, I fitted it
with the super glue as instructed and then went to run the cable under the tank. Once it
was all back together I tried it and the throttle wouldn't snap back into position it remained
open and it was a bit stiff to turn, I removed the grip using brake and carb cleaner again
and tried it with out the grip on it and it still doesn't snap back though it is easier to open
up now. I am not entirely sure whats wrong with it at first I assumed that it might be some
super glue squidged out the end in glued the plastic sheath underneath in place but i don't
know if this is possible or likely?

So I am a bit humped as ride it when the throttle won't close so any suggestions welcomed.
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I don't promise I'll answer, but leave a question and I'll at least think about it. Comments screened, answers will either be posted as new entries or via email at request or my discretion.
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Anyone fancy a evening watching films with beer and take-away (i know I'll
be bored by 7pm in the house myself).
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Well Looking at it I am thinking of heading to the Palace pub for about
1pm (as i don't see anyone being up too early on a saturday) so I can get
a decent bite to eat first, so any time around and after that i'll be there
and we can take a slow lesuirely crawl round the pubs in town. I will leave
what pubs we visit open as I don't really know any and we can make that
up as we go. Its a lose plan ... more of a pla actually. I'll have my
Mobile with me 07912030455 (feel free to post this up so if anyones late
and fancies coming they can get in touch. Sounds good?
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X-Box Live
X-Box Live, well after my temper straining antics with Microcrap techincal
support, I have two accounts. First in my Initial account which has a free
months Gold account IchabodGlass I am only going to use this for the first
month to get a feel for it, and then moving onto my main account Fuzzygoth
which is currently silver but I'll consider making gold afte rthe month free
has expired. All this brought to you because Microcrap don't *apparently*
let you delete gamertags and account from x-box.com numpties.

Leeds PubCrawl, Sat 31st of Jan
Right I've been living in Leeds for 4 or 5 Months now and it's occured to
me that I've not been as social as I usually am, so a while back I said to
young Squirrel and to Diceman (in a drunken conversation) about a possible
pubcrawl and with January having paid of a lot of things Saturday the 31st
of Jan seems like the ideal date. So the two fold plan would be find the
good pubs in Leeds (for future reference) and so we (the newcomers) get
know you lovely leeds people a bit better. So who's up for some beer and
chuckles? I might go for a big lunch before hand or a curry after as I'd
rather like to remember the experince unlike bendymouse and some people
might just be there to drink ;) but if some people fancy food could also
do that. Also feel free to pass it along to leeds people I might not know
after all i don't know many Leeds residents.
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I in a very foul mood today nd it shows no sign of improving at the moment
and I fully expect to be a rather unplesant person over the next few days.
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I feel like shite, i am not happy at the moment ... but a wee bit a listening
tae billy cheers me rifht up :) fr now at least.
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... A motorway that 40 to 50 mph for nearly 100 miles. As jack burton would on a dark an foggy night when the heavens tremble and the skys quake ... Gimme your best shot, i can take it!

Besides not a great deal happens at 30 mph so i am going finish my coffee, feed the bike (she gets stroppy on a quarter tank) and enter the home stretch ;-)
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mobile number is 07912030455 if you need to or want to get in touch
if you text me please tell me who you are as my numbers where irretrevable

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Yes i am at work and am sooo bored today my brain is in overdrive
I can't concentrate on the mundane today so I need distracting.

Whats your type?
I've never really understood the point of this question, how do you
determine the critera to define the person you'll be interested in?
Most of the people I've dated or been interested in don't follow
any particular pattern, archtype or set of vague rules. So I am
curious how do you determine "your type" how do you answer that
question? maybe I just think to litterly.

Tell me something Interesting
A funny/dirty/interesting story, a new year suggestion, a funny
website, a cunning plan, a secret annnything to aaleviate the
utter bordom I am feeling atm.

With luck I can regain concentration tomorrow :)
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Well, 540 miles done this weekend that takes the bike just about up 7k miles
almost time for a service. Am bloody knackered now but even with the high winds,
rain, poor visibility and bitter cold it was still great fun :)

ps: took the A65 back and it was quite fun.
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After a conversation about singstar, I've had Chesney Hawks - I am the one and only going
round in my head all of yesterday and likely today too. So out came the one hit wonders
collection, and my poor housemates have been woken up to chesney opus :p

Also I think maybe 3am might be the best time to clean your room and sort out electronic
equiptment as my room is tidy and my tom tom, bluetooth lid and mobile are all connected
up ready for collecting people tonight if i need to.

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Okay, I've posted on forums to no avail and now I am turning on the
gEeK signal on from Livejournal Land. I am currently trying to create
a site search using the google search engine, the only drawback is
I cannot use JavaScript because as a Government Department we need to
provide JavaScript Alternitves.

So looking at the new Ajax Google search its provide an alternitive
using JSON, which so far returns information fine with JavaScript
being turned off. I am using the php Services_JSON.php with php
5.1.2 with wamp and the php_json.dll. I can return the dataset
and decode it with json and even see the info if i do a var_dump.

What I am having problems with is parsing the information, so I
can write it out as a custom style page. I can't get the data out.
I am currently trying to put the object into an array and call it
out that way. It keep returning an error when I try to access it
directly as an array i assume from the error its a object not an
array or some reading of the web says it might be coming through as
an associated array? the error message for trying access the $output;
as an array is below:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in C:\wamp\www\GoogleSearch.php on line 18

teh code )
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Friday Flock was rather good, although I appear to have been a little
more merry by the end of it than i should for how much i spent. Saturday
was quiet and sleep was caught up with and black sheep was sedate and
rather fun rounding off with a game of buzz before bed ... which i lost
again :(

I have decided that greatest aid I have to my confusion is myself :)
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We have house based interweb of speedyness :D
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Well I only got 3 hour sleep last night and I am not in top form
I have popped out and bought a new pair of boots sans steel toe
caps, a couple of pairs of jeans and other miscilanous stuff to
make my morning journey easier. In other new we now have heating,
hot water and currently using mobile internet and the BT engineer
comes tomorrow as well.
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Well, all the moving and shaking is almost over. On Wedensday the Fazer goes in for a new
front tyre and I'll be getting a courtesy bike (don't know what yet). The house is ace bit I need
to get my room orginised and buy a computer desk, drawers and a wardrobe of some fashion.

I got a mobile broadband contract to do us up until the broadband gets connected but its not
been set up properly at their end. But it will do me for when I am running around all over the
country as well. Oh I'll need to get a new bed as well :)

I have decided to see if anyone is interested in a summer bike meet for the LJ Community I
joined last year (on a few recomendations) uk_bikers. So I am just seeing who would be
interested then will see where everyone lives and try to pick a location that will be fun for
biking and reasonably accessable to everyone and hopefully not too far. Of course the issue
is that its group for people all over the uk so its unlikely to be able to easily cater for everyone.
But its early days so we'll see how it goes.
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Well, its been a busy weekend. I decided to take a few days off to help with moving
regardless of this I still managed to be rather dis-orginised but its all done and the
stuff is moved.

This involved a rather fast wander down the M1 on my 125, which despite what
people have said went suprisingly smoothly. I set off after work about 6:00pm and
got into Leicester around 8pm - 8:30pm. The wee bike chalking up another 100
miles and providing a very respectable 65mph to 70mph all the way. I got in and
pretty much colapsed.

Up early to juggle my 125 around Leicester to avoid paying parking fees or getting
parking tickets. Then off to Birmingham to meet frank as he had very kindly offered
to ferry me to Bristol so i could view the Blue 2003 Yamaha FZS Fazer that one of
the guys from the Fazer Owners Forums was selling. It was an interesting ride even
if due to me thinking frank had a luggage rack for some reason caused delays getting
there. We gabbed at the services and frank done a fine job of navagating us to our
destination. The bike had about 34,600 odd miles on it, although it seems to be in
suprisingly good condition. It had new down pipes a little while ago but where
replaced with second hand pipes but they still look in reasonably good nick with
not a lot of corrossion. It had a completely new gearbox at 20k, its feels quite smooth
to me and has a almost full service history. So had a look at the forks, chain, tyres
(needs a new front tyre very soon) downpipes etc and paid a very very reasonable
£,200 for it (the same as I paid for my 125 actually). Then rode 135 miles back to
leicester with frank shadowing me and keeping gaps open for me to change lanes
on the motorway and make sure I got to brum in one peice (cheers mate your a
bloody good chap!) and gave me some advice that I've tried to work on. Then
back to leicester to chain up the Fazer while I rode the Hipster back up to Liivi's
then took the Fazer home from the Leicester Bike Parking. Riding the Fazer at
night wasn't as much fun as during the day but much better than riding the hipster
at night with its crappy lights.

Was mostly packing and cleaning then me getting terribly confused with when people
where arriving. Corrine and John turned up and we had a couple of drinks and a good
old gab before crashing out.

After attempting to get a van and being foiled once by my total lack of organisation
and lack of relivant information. We got a van, rammed it full of stuff and set off. After
meeting up on the M1 services just outside leicester (Donnington Services i beleive)
and having some lunch we then set out. I had to make a stop or two (adjusting ear
plugs and luggage) and again for petrol (somewhere between these two stops the
van passed me and rioted up the road). I ended up on a magical mystery tour of
stockton and yorkshire arriving at Johns for about 18:30pm. Unloaded the van and
promptly buggered off back down the A1 to leeds for bendymouse (slightly un-nerving
with the fast night riding but still managed to have some fun). Bendymouse was
excellent and much fun (there may have been alcahol) and dancing, brief after-party
back at julie annes (my memory gets hazy here) then sleep ...and lots of it.

So after working it out on a previous post about 356 miles over three days (not including
running around the citys) mostly on the motorway. I am still knackered but not doing
very well at sleeping unfortunatly will need to work on that.

Bristol to Brum (M5) 90ish miles
Brum to Leicester (M6/M69) 45ish Miles
Leicester to Stockton (M1/A1(M)) 155ish miles
Stockton to Leeds (A1(M)) 66ish Miles


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