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Flipping through my LJ Memorys I found this peice of London History
with the Rodent Invasion of Fluffy, Pog, Nick and Emmies house in
Stratford ... ahh the good old days :)

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I usually have a list here of *all* the things I should do this year
I am going to have an achieveable resolution. It is my intention this
year to drive a tank, and to do one of the ones where you get to crush
a car! In you face resolutions of the Gym and everything else ... this
is one New Years Resolution I can do :)
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You know life I bet you think you are fucking funny, lets see just
how funny you feel with my foot jammed up you're ass!
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there should be 10 things i like but not up to talking about
myself right now, maybe later today.
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A friend who does application support is looking for some advice on the
differences in standard application support and banking application support
if you have experince or know someone who has experince of this and wouldn't
mind him doing some brain picking it would be appreciated, get in touch and
I'll pas them on.

Cheers :)

is wondering if anyone on here has worked within the IT sphere of a banking/finance setup? Basically interested in the perceived differences within support as opposed to other businesses. Such as security, methodology and such. Just so I have a way of talking round things if I apply for such a role without a banking background.
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I have my HTC Desire back again, unfortunately something went
wrong with the memory card and I've lost all my settings and
numbers. So if i should have your number leaving it in a comment
on Livejournal (post is open and comments screened) or drop me
a text with your name so I know who you are, or send me an
email mail@davidphillips.info really need a new PC so i can
back my numbers up.
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Well, I've been saying for several years now that I want a change
and today I went to see a Adult Careers Advisor. She was happy
because I made her job rather easier by have a set amount of idea's
in place about what I'd like to do. The important thing is that I
want to eventually be on a decent wage, not neccissarily a fortune
but enough to live comfortably. My Idea's where Careers Advisor,
this was actually what my mother went into doing several years back
and at the time I thought actually didn't sound like too bad a job.

The Careers service in Scotland is apparently much better than
England although I was hoping once I had enough experince to move
into a University Position. I have to work out how to fund my
Postgraduate Degree QCG (Qualification in Careers Guidance) if i
decide to go down that route. I have the choice of Full Time (One
Year) or Part Time (two years) at either Huddersfield University or
Nottingham Trent University. It opens up a few fields not just
Careers Guidance but am very tempted. If I was to work for the
Careers Service apparently I'd be better doing it in scotland.

I also asked about councilling, and apparently there really isn't
much work avaliable in it, it would be a 3 years course of full
time study to get qualified and would be working eventually with
the Nhs, Charity funded orginisation or private conmpanies. Also
mentioned was Occupational Health which was interesting. I think
i've made my decision just have to work out how I am going to make
it work now.
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I've been feeling a bit down the last few week's the day job is causing
me stress due my worry I can't deliver what they need at the pace they
require due the the monumental ineptitude of the people who orgininally
wrote the code, that makes it a long, slow and laborious process to do
anything the fact I've been living out of bags for the last 2 months has
done nothing to improve my mood. Although; the house is ready to move
into and now i actually have time to think about a few things.

Has it worth it for me decorating the new house how I want it? I could
have moved into a pre-fab 2 bedroom flat with integral garage with its
magnolia walls and not been allowed to do anything to it. I've lived in
more of these than I'd care to count. It has been said though "you make
a home, by making it your own", and that's what I can do here. And there
are lots of wee tweaks that have been done to the house that make it
even more suitable and desirable. So i think it will be worth it even
though right now its hard to see due to being so worn down by it all. On
the upside, i've learned new skills and have an idea of how hard it can
be decorating a whole house (handy knowleadge for when i finally buy

Well, i am stuggling through the code and the database and each day the
coder in me die's a little bit more. I have weekly supervision where they
ask me why we aren't making the sort of progress they expect, if G the
guy who built it was working on it he'd be rattling changes out left right
and centre *yadda* *yadda* and I explain that between constant distractions,
the excessive support requests because they guy who's built it has given
them what they want rather than what they need no one can do anything except
in the hacky round about fashion of impersonating a user. So this kills my
motivation a little more every week. I am a bit anal retentive when it comes
to certian things my desk has to be clean and everything sits at right angles
I find it hard to concentrate in a messy workspace, and i am so sick of
dealing with code left by fucking full on fuckwit monkey boys who are to
sodding lazy to build things properly or clearly. I should have taken the
Norton job, it might not have been a better job and the people might have
been more annoying but at least the single central most important part of
my job would have been built to my standards not someone elses. Unless things
change dramatically I can't see me staying here. I'll struggle on as long
as I can but I think some alternitive plans might be in order. I might look
into the concept of homeworking if i decide kids isn't for me, there is my
ex-bosses mate who does .Net and some work from php companies that might be
worth a look. Also have some other idea's to move away from programming but
it means actually applying myself to learn new skills.

Well, hopefully by next month I will be debt free again, Except for student
loans and the little bit I owe for decorating the house. I think the run up
to the new year is going to have to be rather quiet to allow me to build up
some reserves and quickly get what little I still owe paid off and cancel
some of the un-needed expenses. Ah the problems of live a hectic social life.

Health, Diet and all that nonsense
Well, my diet has been uttely shafted by moving, not that I am on a specific
diet i just mean in general. working 9am-5pm and then heading to the house
to decorate 5pm-10pm each night hasn't left much room for cooking. I've mostly
been subsisting on takeaways (not good) though the last 4 nights have been
rissotto, fajitta's and Morrocan Chicken with cous cous so thats a good start
and I have left overs for lunch with a student mega-salad :) the gym has also
suffered, and that will be one of the first things that will have to change.
I am considering changing my working hours from 9-5 to 10-6 so I can have
daylight in the morning moving forward or maybe go to the gym in the morning
and have less traffic to and from work. I have my gym weights and exersise
routines so just have to get wired in. I am hoping that the current miasma of
meh and lack of motivation as well as the lack of energy is just down to bad
diet, lack of exersise and too much stress.

Social Life
My social life has been cut back to the bare minimum recently due to lack of
time, I've barely been out in sheffield at all due to lack of time, the rest
of this month (and possibly next month) i'll not be going anywhere due to lack
of money. Hopefully though, soon I'll be able to start having a social life
again. Still single and I think that it will probabaly stay that way for the
forseeable future, life is too crazy at the moment and I am spread too far over
the country at the moment for it to be practical or desirable, besides which I
need to get back to being Fuzzy rather than this ball of frustration, rage and
stress that I seem to be at the moment.
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Well as I was starting work on my future house in Sheffield I got a call
Email from Norton Motorcycles. Basically what it said was:

We have a vacancy for a Web/IT Developer, to basically run the IT Department.
If you are still Interested would you be kind enough to give me a call.

Norton P.A. Lady

So basically they have upped the Salary from 25k which was on offer last time
to 28k, but I mentioned that I am now on 33k she has said she'd try to get
30k going up to 33k in 6 months once we are happy everything is working. It's
only 20 days holiday as opposed to the 25 days I have with Kids but the working
hours are flex-able. Barstewards, i was all settled into what i was going to
be doing for the next xx years and now this comes along. I am seriously conflicted.

33k (which will probabaly go up)
25 Days paid Holiday
Fairly Flexiable working ours
Seems fairly Stable.

All the Code is a steaming pile of pooh with no documentation!

Norton Motorcycles
Clean Slate for coding, complete new start.
It's Norton (working around motorbikes)

Like be a paydrop (3k)
only 20 days Holiday
Flexiable Working hours
Longer Commute that Kids

I have the last few weeks been a little unhappy with the code I am inheriting
from the company that built it, and i'd feel bad letting them down by leaving
to go to Norton. Argh, but Norton has more scope for advancement as i said before
I'd be ground level for running the IT Department but its a risk.

I guess the question is if i don't try it would I regret it?

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I'll likely have little mobile phone reception so if you need to
contact me urgently (as if you would) then leave a message here
and I'll check in every x days. Trez orginised No? well it wasn't
my idea but its a good one.

Post is open and comments screened
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Okay, Apparently we need some sort of plan. I don't know when
everyone is heading up but I have made a list below and will
fill it in as I know. I think it would be better if we can get
people to ride up together and stake a claim to our land :p
but trying to find out what peoples plans are at the moment and
some of us have to work as we'll need the money.

Tent's and Sleeping Bags
I am not going to assume everyone has these wonderous devices
and see if anyone will be requiring tent space or a Sleeping
bag, if you do speak now or end sleeping outside :p

Contact Details
Fuzzy: 07912030455 (any problems I'll be avaliable on my mobile)
Rob: 07825739249 (Rob will be On-Site Early so call him he'll guide you in)

1) Fuzzy Friday Evening From Leeds
2) Bayly Friday Evening From an embaressing location in the North.
3) Rob Friday Morning From Leeds
4) Punchy Friday Morning (morning being a relative term for punchy) from Leeds
5) TwoKan ???
6) Ginge Friday Evening From Sheffield (I beleive)
7) Jen Friday Morning From Leeds (Pillion as her barge has sprung a leak)
8) Gary ???

Me and Ebb

Apr. 6th, 2010 12:31 am
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I am not really feeling very chatty at the moment, so I'm just going to
say that me and Ebb have split up. I wasn't an easily reached decision
and neither of us are exactly happy about it, it was a amicable and mutual
decision that we both disscussed and came to. As usual Emma is far more
eloquent than I and expresses how we both feel much better than i am able
to here.

I don't really particularly want to talk to much about it apart from
with some of my very close friends (who know who they are). There's more
i want to say but i just don't have enough words. We had a fabulous year
together (or thereabouts) and i thankful for that and the positive effect
she's had in my life.
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Well it almost that time again, the First MOT for the big boy, yes my bike
the Fazer "Big Daddy" 1000 is going in for its first MOT under my name, I
am not expecting much in the way of problems to be honnest. I've owned it
for 4 months as of tomorrow (picked it up on the 20th of Nov 2009) and I've
already put 3,200 Miles on it (which i think is very respectable considering
its been over christmas and heavy snow weeks where the bike didn't move for
about a month or so more like 3 months actually running). There is work that
will need done probabaly a new chain, carbs balanced and possible new tyre.
The bike was pretty much in immaculate condition when I picked it up but had
never been run through the winter before and was always kept in a heated
garage, so I don't think it like the whole running through the winter and
being kept under a heavy bike cover. So end of this month its off to Padgetts
who have done sterling (but expensive work on my Fazer 600 Veera) and while
I am confident it won't need anything serious other than what I've listed
I am getting the nerves about what it'll cost.


Nov. 24th, 2009 12:22 pm
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Do any of you winderful Leeds People have a Scanner that
I could use please? I need to scan two documents to send
off, it would be appreciated.


Sep. 13th, 2009 07:47 am
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There may have been cheap whiskey. THAT IS ALL!

i'll be in bed thanks :)
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Okay, so who is going to go to Donnington Bike Night then? I am
thinking of popping down for it. It's just under 2 weeks I dropped
them an email and got this back.

Donnington Bike Night

Bike night is being held at the Grand Prix Cafe just at the entrance
to the circuit. The night starts from 6pnm until 9pm - although this
is based on demand. Throughout the night food and drink is available,
there will be free entrance to the Grand Prix Museum, DJ and you can
ride the new track for 2010 on one of the simulators (for a fee). In
addition, we are hoping to get some different traders to come to the
night. As more details are finalised they will be added to the website.
Entrance to the event is completely free and the aim of the night is
to create an informal meeting point for bikers.

So anyone up for it?
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looks like a bats head to me
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So, what did i do here today, I drained coolant from the Fazer using the latest
additions to my toolkit a rubber duck with a drinking straw stuck up its squeaker!!
Yes, the coolant tank is dirty on the inside so I couldn't see the fill level and
overfilled it. Not wanting to suck out an anti-freeze/water mix as it poison or
having the time to take the tank off and drain the whole thing. So using the
sucktion from the rubber ducky to pull the liquid up a drinking straw into the
duck and expell it into a container! It's been that sort of day


So yes, my toolkit now conatins drinking straws and a wino rubber duck!

-- crossposted on uk_bikers--
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Okay, on the 30th of May 2009 we at my Lovely new Home in Leeds
Dubbed FOC after its strange and unusual residents have finally
managed to orginise the above date for housewarmage. We are only
running about 8 Months behind schedule with this (which is pretty
good orginisation for a bunch of goths (sorry al I am taring you
with the same brush). Its going to be a lilliputian party so
the theory is you bring something to show your tiny size. Orange
has already posted some excellent links which I'll re-post here
I am particularly tempted by the HUGE tunnock tea cake or the
toffee crisp capable of flooring a rhino.

So to the particulars
What: lilliputian Housewarming Party *(nb)
When: Saturday the 30th of May 2009 Starting at 8pm
Where: Darkest Leeds
Why: Why Not!

So there are the details, if your coming from out of town let us
know so we can plan the crash space, there is some in the house
and we can probabaly find a few corners to tuck someof you away
into with sleeping bags. So hopefully see some of you then :)

Pimp That Snack! this is soooo cool :)

*(nb) costume is not essential just a good chuckle.


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