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So, what did i do here today, I drained coolant from the Fazer using the latest
additions to my toolkit a rubber duck with a drinking straw stuck up its squeaker!!
Yes, the coolant tank is dirty on the inside so I couldn't see the fill level and
overfilled it. Not wanting to suck out an anti-freeze/water mix as it poison or
having the time to take the tank off and drain the whole thing. So using the
sucktion from the rubber ducky to pull the liquid up a drinking straw into the
duck and expell it into a container! It's been that sort of day


So yes, my toolkit now conatins drinking straws and a wino rubber duck!

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I was running a cable from the battery to my tomtom cradle today and I though since
I am under there I'll fit my heated grips (the irony of fitting heated grips when summer
is approching is not lost on me). The problem occured with the throttle grip, I fitted it
with the super glue as instructed and then went to run the cable under the tank. Once it
was all back together I tried it and the throttle wouldn't snap back into position it remained
open and it was a bit stiff to turn, I removed the grip using brake and carb cleaner again
and tried it with out the grip on it and it still doesn't snap back though it is easier to open
up now. I am not entirely sure whats wrong with it at first I assumed that it might be some
super glue squidged out the end in glued the plastic sheath underneath in place but i don't
know if this is possible or likely?

So I am a bit humped as ride it when the throttle won't close so any suggestions welcomed.
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You little F**king beauty!!!! ... I have just passed and I am fucking
soooo unbeleively happy its just stupid :)

*does a little dance*

Right, off to Wozwolf to drink 10% ale in a kilt and sing, dance and
celebrate :)

cheers for the crossed finger and words of encouragement over
the past few weeks :D
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You little F**king beauty!!!! ... I have just passed and I am fucking
soooo unbeleively happy its just stupid :)

*does a little dance*

Right, off to Wozwolf to drink 10% ale in a kilt and sing, dance and
celebrate :)
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Well I got a fail, how I hear you ask with a years worth of riding experince did
I manage that, well it wasn't the u-turn that went smoothly as can be. I was the
emergency stop improper useof brakes (translated: the back wheel left a skid
mark). To be fair as soon as i hit the brakes i knew i'd hit them too hard *stoopid*
and then to make matters worse, I started doing my life savers to move the bike
to the kerb (i'd always assumed this to be one manouver) and he was telling me
his orratory while i was preforming lifesavers. Because I'd not done them again
after him finishing that was two serious faults which is a fail. I had 6 minors 3
for rear observation on change of direction, one for steering (ended up too far
from the kerb on a left turn) and one for contol on moving off. My two serious
where control on the controled stop and saftey checks when moving the bike
to the kerb. Its a stupid thing to fail on because I can do them in the year riding
I've done 4 emergancy stops (well not really because I always have ample
space to slow down with the gears before engaging the front and rear brake to
come to a full controlled stop) *arrrgghhh* damn it.

Other than that it was a very good and very safe ride according to the examiner
and my instructor even said its unfortunate because i am a good rider and I am
capable and it was a shame to fail on something like that. So time to to re-book
i will sit in the doledrums tonight, but the test is getting fecking re-booked asap
and this time I am going to pass the fecker, and make sure my riding is sodding

Great, there are no test dates left in leicester, there are some in nottingham but
I don't know if a) my instructor would go there, and b) i wouldn't have any idea
about the route (that actually borther me less as long as there are road signs etc).

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I am excited and nervous all at the same time, wish I had more time to convince myself on u-turns
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Okay, that was good fun, little dark but fun :)


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