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Birthdate:Jan 14
Location:Glasgow, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


"A darkness carried in the heart can not be cured by moving the body from one place to another."
Babylon 5 - Lennier regard londo molari, Series 3, "Dust to Dust"

"maybe i do live in a candy coated world of self deluson and mis-perception "
Me with regard to my view of people and life.

"My god ... she's a virtual spiderwoman, she was hidious ... she had eight legs and normal women only have four!"
Fuzzy after falling down 2 fights of stairs running away from a scarey woman

Favourite Quote's
It is best to love wisely, no doubt;
but to love foolishly is better than
not to be able to love at all.
~ William Thackeray~

Seperated at Birth?

Winnie the Pooh and Fuzzygoth?
"Pooh has't much Brain, but he never comes to any harm. He does silly things and they turn out right."
"Fuzzygoth has't much Brain, but he never comes to any harm. He does silly things and they turn out right."

Fuzzygoth says:

we're both hairy, both have little or no brain

Inspired by darkapotheosis

The Nature of Fuzzygoth

Fuzzygoth is a wandering creature never happy in the one place it likes to wander from place to place visiting old friends and making new ones. But life conspires against the fuzzygoth and metaphorically ties his shoelaces together and jams sticks in the bicycle spokes on his wheels but this does not stop the fuzzygoth from trying.

The Fuzzygoth is a social creature and loves the company of others and loves clubs, parties, festivals and many other forms of chicanery as a result he can appear somewhat of a vocal and outgoing while under the anflunce of incahol but has very different mannerisms when sober.

The Fuzzygoth is a creature with a fierce sense of loyalty as is often apparent to its real friends. Fuzzygoth at heart is a hopeless romantic who really does believe in all of those silly notions that go with it but is wrapped in a large protective layer of serious cynicism.

Unfortunately years of partying, drinking and falling down to many steep vertical surfaces has impaired the fuzzygoths memory and as a result is often forgetful of people, this may or may not contribute to the fuzzygoths complete lack of observational skills when dealing with people.

How to spot Fuzzygoth in a crowd

The Fuzzygoths appearance and behaviour changes quite often depending on the location. When beer is involved it will often be found roaming around talking to
People for mere minutes before it drunk attention span problem kicks in and wanders
Off aimlessly. At Whitby Goth weekend it can often be seen going round reading peoples net.goth tags trying to work out if it knows the wearer.

Over the years many ways to identify the fuzzygoth have been determined the garish
Attire it is commonly associated with which still gives some of its friends nightmares to this day and other times a loud Glaswegian accent shouting “I know you! “ at people whom He has obviously met before and sometimes even by the cloud of dust and it falls down the closets set of stairs.

If too drunk the fuzzygoth can often be found sitting asleep after drinking to much with its drinks held as totally implausible angles that’s seem to defy gravity or telling stories of drunken times past propping up the bar or dancing till he is ready to have a heart attack.

When Alcohol is not involved you might never even notice the fuzzygoth as it is often quiet and shy barely saying two peeps to anyone who does not know it. Finding a sober fuzzygoth is not always and easy task.

Fuzzygoth Pastimes

Fuzzygoth is fond of computers and the Internet and can sometimes spend days just surfing the web, making websites and playing games. When the fuzzygoth has no Internet available it becomes irritable and starts searching for net.cafes and the like.
Science fiction is a particular passion for the fuzzy creature and often indulges in even to worst sci-fi pap to ever grace the screens, is a big fan of b-movies and also nearly any fantasy genre film. Actually it likes most films but has a great aversion to gangster films and also has an insane hatred of jumped up dead guys e.g. : Freddy Kruger and the old man in the poltergeist films this can often send it on a rant for hours. Being a bit of a soft touch at heart its also fond of movies like some kind of wonderful, when Harry met sally and films of that ilk sometime even the terribly acted ones as long as the have a happy ending.

The Fuzzygoth is also a big fan of comics, role-playing games and other such things that all geeks – pseudo-geeks often grow up with. Finally as noted above the fuzzygoth has a passion for travel, but only within its indigenous area the UK. It often wonders about visiting other countries but is quite content in the UK.

Common reactions to Fuzzygoth

“Yes Dave you do!”
“Oh you’re the guy with the flammable phone”
“Oh you’re the guy who lost all his luggage at Whitby”
“Drink some of this . . . no its not polish”
“Dear God . . . your sober!!!”
“You’ve lost you toaster!”
“Do you still have that red catsuit?”
“pina colada is poison to Glaswegians”
"What have you lost this year?"

What not to say to Fuzzygoth

“Jumped up dead guys are Cool”
“Do you still have that red catsuit?”

Quotes from Fuzzygoth

“Ah know you!”
“There was a train . . . “
“Sorry you’re the guy from the place?”
“How the F**K did I get here”
“Yes . . . it WAS my phone”
“I f**king warned you!” (Usually only to preacher)
“You shifty Irish b**tard” (usually only to preacher and Denver)
“. . . just about any homer Simpson quote”

(Because I liked the survey)
Stolen From [info]darkapotheosis in honner of High Fidelity
My Top Five Songs I would have played at my funneral

The Littlest Hobo Theme
Bon Jovi - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Danger Danger - Dead, Drunk and Wasted
Motorhead - Killed By Death
Europe - The Final Countdown


Beauty seen with but the eye
Will soon break, wither and die
Perfect skin and flawless form
creates a bond easily torn.
Love taken from this crude device
Is naught but lusts mere artifice
and though it may adoration win
It will not last without, nor within.

A mind clear, bright and bold,
Full of secrets never told;
It's recesses full of dark delights
that seduces and whispers, quietly in the night.
Conversations twist and wind
and graceful knowledge to us, one another binds
But intellect itself, alone,
is cold, empty and dry as bone.

The Spirit is a wondrous thing
and our true self to the fore it brings.
Love, from touching souls abound
the base that other aspects surround.
All our shattered essense was once compound
and now hoping in others its partner to be found.
Dark and Light our tempestuous natures laid bare
and yet cruel or kind, we stand and stare,
Still in love with the honesty there.

Beauty cannot be measured such,
Its form is different for every touch.
The blending of aspects active and benign
and each one of yours reacts to mine.
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