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Well, I've been saying for several years now that I want a change
and today I went to see a Adult Careers Advisor. She was happy
because I made her job rather easier by have a set amount of idea's
in place about what I'd like to do. The important thing is that I
want to eventually be on a decent wage, not neccissarily a fortune
but enough to live comfortably. My Idea's where Careers Advisor,
this was actually what my mother went into doing several years back
and at the time I thought actually didn't sound like too bad a job.

The Careers service in Scotland is apparently much better than
England although I was hoping once I had enough experince to move
into a University Position. I have to work out how to fund my
Postgraduate Degree QCG (Qualification in Careers Guidance) if i
decide to go down that route. I have the choice of Full Time (One
Year) or Part Time (two years) at either Huddersfield University or
Nottingham Trent University. It opens up a few fields not just
Careers Guidance but am very tempted. If I was to work for the
Careers Service apparently I'd be better doing it in scotland.

I also asked about councilling, and apparently there really isn't
much work avaliable in it, it would be a 3 years course of full
time study to get qualified and would be working eventually with
the Nhs, Charity funded orginisation or private conmpanies. Also
mentioned was Occupational Health which was interesting. I think
i've made my decision just have to work out how I am going to make
it work now.
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