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X-Box Live
X-Box Live, well after my temper straining antics with Microcrap techincal
support, I have two accounts. First in my Initial account which has a free
months Gold account IchabodGlass I am only going to use this for the first
month to get a feel for it, and then moving onto my main account Fuzzygoth
which is currently silver but I'll consider making gold afte rthe month free
has expired. All this brought to you because Microcrap don't *apparently*
let you delete gamertags and account from x-box.com numpties.

Leeds PubCrawl, Sat 31st of Jan
Right I've been living in Leeds for 4 or 5 Months now and it's occured to
me that I've not been as social as I usually am, so a while back I said to
young Squirrel and to Diceman (in a drunken conversation) about a possible
pubcrawl and with January having paid of a lot of things Saturday the 31st
of Jan seems like the ideal date. So the two fold plan would be find the
good pubs in Leeds (for future reference) and so we (the newcomers) get
know you lovely leeds people a bit better. So who's up for some beer and
chuckles? I might go for a big lunch before hand or a curry after as I'd
rather like to remember the experince unlike bendymouse and some people
might just be there to drink ;) but if some people fancy food could also
do that. Also feel free to pass it along to leeds people I might not know
after all i don't know many Leeds residents.


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