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After a conversation about singstar, I've had Chesney Hawks - I am the one and only going
round in my head all of yesterday and likely today too. So out came the one hit wonders
collection, and my poor housemates have been woken up to chesney opus :p

Also I think maybe 3am might be the best time to clean your room and sort out electronic
equiptment as my room is tidy and my tom tom, bluetooth lid and mobile are all connected
up ready for collecting people tonight if i need to.

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We have house based interweb of speedyness :D
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Well the lovely ebb popped round to night for film and food. I cooked Italian
it was originally Leek rissoto, but as its made with chicken stock I figured some
actual real chicken in it wouldn't hurt and added that too. All in all i was quite
pleased with the result, i should really cook more random stuff mind you the
rissoto was stupidly easy to make.

I am actually feeling rather chilled which is partially good company and talking
things over and gennerally talking at people and I do feel like i've been a bit of
stressed out misery guts recently, but hopefully i can pack that in and just have
some fun now. You know my life isn't perfect at the moment, but its still pretty
damn fine :)

Now do I drive the 52 miles and 1 hour 27 minutes to Worksop to look at this
GS500 off eBay? Hmmmmm not sure.


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