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Well I haven't been able to secure my dream Fazer so I am moving on and
hoping that now summer is over I can find a bike a bit cheaper. I have a list
of bikes near and far I am looking at from anywhere from £575 to £1395. The
bikes nearby are 2 Yamaha FZS Fazer (00/98), Yamaha TDM 850 97, Honda
CB500 2000. Going a bit futher away are the Suzuki Bandit 97 in Derby, a
Kawasaki GPZ500 and a Yamaha Fzr 400.

The most expensive fzs fazer and the CB500 are the closest and the TDM
is in bradford. The fazer has a full service history and 25k miles. The CB500
has a few battle scars and high miles but I am told thats not uncommen for
that sort of bike. The TDM is suspiciously completely undamaged which
considering its sat in a bike breakers seems dubious but i assume its a
recovered theft and will have no log book or something (but the 850cc
engine might be a bit thirsty fuel wise anyway). I am seriously considering
the CB500 though as I felt very comftable on it when doing my initial DAS
much more so than the the CBF500 which just felt tempremental (though
that might have been the level of used the bikes seen, the CBF was a big
schools bike, where as the CB was a one man band trainer) but the CB500
just felt effortless to adjust to, but I could see me upgrading in 6-12 months
with the CB.

The hunt continues ...


Sep. 2nd, 2008 04:30 pm
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Yes, that was the Department of Work and Pensions and I am good to start on
Thursday. All the last security checks came back and its offical that I am a good
and wholesome citizen of Her Majestys United Kingdom of Great Britian
(apparently) and now allowed to offically start work (I feel like I should have a
starting work party considering the mount of effort its taken). My bags are all
packed so I have clothes enough. I will pack the rest of my worldly belongings
into suitcases and then that just leaves a few things to sort out.

I am thinking a very early start tomorrow driving up North, so I can have a
pootle around Leeds to familerise myself with the route to work *yay* that
just leaves living arrangements which are unavoidably delayed, moving
and storage of my furniture (of which i have some ideas) and the orginisation
of the finance on and collection of the new bike. I can't beleive things are
finally moving forward again.


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