Apr. 30th, 2008 06:16 pm
fuzzygoth: (Folly)
Well, got back from whitby last night at around 16:00 hours roughly, ate some Kentucky Fried
Chicken and failed at chatting online and promptly hits the sack at 8pm woke up at midnight
and went right back to sleep and then finally arose today at about 9am. so roughly 12-13 hours
sleep. I feel significantly less shitty now.

Whitby was full of fun and games and as usual I could expouse a long list of people I seen
there and a blow by blow account of what happened but I won't. So highs and lows.

High Points

Me and Chewie utterly failing to have a half of coke and hit the gym and instead having 6 pints
and taking our luggage to our respective cottages so we could drink more.

Running up the 199 steps of the abbey as training 4 times.

80's night including [livejournal.com profile] bikerfaerie's fantastic Barbarella Costume and of course chewie
as pygar.

Maffball Super Extreme - One reason to actually wear pants, as its is played in underpants I may
have had to borrow some in order to qualify to play. Hence the Maffball Super Extreme Battlepants
came into play. I am still toasty in places but I feel that your maffballs cannot burn me my
bodyhair is like a shield of ... well ... bodyhair. Videos of Maffball.

Meeting up with people not seen in ages and lots of people from far and wide.

The Melee that is breakfast in our cottage (pure comedy every morning)

Making fun of someone for Exorsist Style Vomiting at 4:30am.

Low Points

Being ill as buggery on saturday.

cleaning up someone elses Exorsist Style Vomit at 4:30am.

Running up the 199 Abbey Steps 4 times (that shits hard work).

Drinking a little too much and having vauge memories of the weekend.

I am sure more stuff happened but i can't remember what it is ;)


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