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May. 30th, 2008 06:15 am
fuzzygoth: (annoyed)
now i've been awake from 3am with only 1 1/2 hours sleep and the internet has fecking
borked again, might as well get up, do my morning exersises, drink coffe pack the bike
and go to work an hour early today as well. At least there I'll have internet (maybe do
some more job searching in Leeds). If i get the job in York I might consider living in leeds
anyway spent the last few hours looking at houseshares and houses/flats. Houseshares
are very good (apart from the strangers) but financially it makes sense (esspecially if
i get the york job and take an 8k paycut). I'd say living on your own has benefits but I
haven't been living on my own for over ... a lot of months, and i'm still not because johns
still here so maybe I could share again. What worries me are the rental prices of some of the
houses in Leeds, might indicitive of a bad area? Although there was a two bedroom house
at Ashton View for £475.00 per month which is what I am paying here roughly and that
always seemed like a fairly nice area when I've been visiting.

Still not made any decisions, but I think I am going to actively start looking for a new job
probabaly based around Derbyshire, up through chesterfield, sheffield and onwards
to Leeds. I wouldn't normally consider York as it seems a bit small for my tastes but the
job there sounds great if i can get it.

Anyway on to work, and then ... WOOLSTOCK!!! Party on dudes :)


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