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Well, its been a busy weekend. I decided to take a few days off to help with moving
regardless of this I still managed to be rather dis-orginised but its all done and the
stuff is moved.

This involved a rather fast wander down the M1 on my 125, which despite what
people have said went suprisingly smoothly. I set off after work about 6:00pm and
got into Leicester around 8pm - 8:30pm. The wee bike chalking up another 100
miles and providing a very respectable 65mph to 70mph all the way. I got in and
pretty much colapsed.

Up early to juggle my 125 around Leicester to avoid paying parking fees or getting
parking tickets. Then off to Birmingham to meet frank as he had very kindly offered
to ferry me to Bristol so i could view the Blue 2003 Yamaha FZS Fazer that one of
the guys from the Fazer Owners Forums was selling. It was an interesting ride even
if due to me thinking frank had a luggage rack for some reason caused delays getting
there. We gabbed at the services and frank done a fine job of navagating us to our
destination. The bike had about 34,600 odd miles on it, although it seems to be in
suprisingly good condition. It had new down pipes a little while ago but where
replaced with second hand pipes but they still look in reasonably good nick with
not a lot of corrossion. It had a completely new gearbox at 20k, its feels quite smooth
to me and has a almost full service history. So had a look at the forks, chain, tyres
(needs a new front tyre very soon) downpipes etc and paid a very very reasonable
£,200 for it (the same as I paid for my 125 actually). Then rode 135 miles back to
leicester with frank shadowing me and keeping gaps open for me to change lanes
on the motorway and make sure I got to brum in one peice (cheers mate your a
bloody good chap!) and gave me some advice that I've tried to work on. Then
back to leicester to chain up the Fazer while I rode the Hipster back up to Liivi's
then took the Fazer home from the Leicester Bike Parking. Riding the Fazer at
night wasn't as much fun as during the day but much better than riding the hipster
at night with its crappy lights.

Was mostly packing and cleaning then me getting terribly confused with when people
where arriving. Corrine and John turned up and we had a couple of drinks and a good
old gab before crashing out.

After attempting to get a van and being foiled once by my total lack of organisation
and lack of relivant information. We got a van, rammed it full of stuff and set off. After
meeting up on the M1 services just outside leicester (Donnington Services i beleive)
and having some lunch we then set out. I had to make a stop or two (adjusting ear
plugs and luggage) and again for petrol (somewhere between these two stops the
van passed me and rioted up the road). I ended up on a magical mystery tour of
stockton and yorkshire arriving at Johns for about 18:30pm. Unloaded the van and
promptly buggered off back down the A1 to leeds for bendymouse (slightly un-nerving
with the fast night riding but still managed to have some fun). Bendymouse was
excellent and much fun (there may have been alcahol) and dancing, brief after-party
back at julie annes (my memory gets hazy here) then sleep ...and lots of it.

So after working it out on a previous post about 356 miles over three days (not including
running around the citys) mostly on the motorway. I am still knackered but not doing
very well at sleeping unfortunatly will need to work on that.

Bristol to Brum (M5) 90ish miles
Brum to Leicester (M6/M69) 45ish Miles
Leicester to Stockton (M1/A1(M)) 155ish miles
Stockton to Leeds (A1(M)) 66ish Miles


Mar. 26th, 2008 12:29 am
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Well I am feling much better today, a suprisingly sound nights sleep and then
first thing in work i orginised a half day and a loan from work. With that half day
I got and orginised all the paper work and documents that where needed and
then jumped on the bikes and we headed up to Glenfield to the estate agents.

He seems quite confident that it won't be any problem getting us in. I also talked
to the Queen Street Management Company and they have generously agreed
to extend our lease by yet another week meaning we move on the 8th and giving
us some more breathing room. I am viewing flats here just in case it all goes
arse over tit so I have a back up.

We popped over to where the house is in Glenfield and its a bit out of town but
its a very nice suburban, residential area. Glenfield does appear to be a very
strange place, its like a small town in the city and the kind of setting you expect
to have a real life postman pat and his black and white cat sort of thing.

Feeling we should do something fun with the day we popped up to coalville and
after much searching found the Old Vic (the biker pub we'd sen advertised) which
was closed and then we zoomed back townwards for work out with chewie which
was very difficult and i can feel it. Did a little work and ran out of time once again.

so much to do so little time, damn it but it feels like there is so much less stress.


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