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Well I set off in rush hour traffic (yeah not the best timing) went on another
mini adventure around Leicester. but after 40 Minuties of slow traffic finally
hit the open road (dual carriage way) and let the bike out a bit. All my driving
so far has been city driving so its been 3rd gear and 30 mph (yes I follow the
speed limits quite stridently) so it was nice to see what it can do. Up in 4th it
seems it can do roughly about 63 ish mph (its analogue and quite hard to be
precise) which is what I had expected for a 125 that heavy. Stopped in at
axy666's place for a coffee (found my way there without even trying) and the
after an hour headed back (not wanting to be driving too long at night). I
did get a little confused leaving nottingham and might have toured west
bridgford and ended up taking the wrong road which was fine (there is no
such thing as a wrong turn on a bike, it just means you get to pootle about
a little longer) it was a pleasant ride back and the roads where dead which
was good for me as I got a reasonably quiet and fun ride. I want to get
someone who knows a bit more about bikes to have a look at mine and
just put my mind at ease that its okay as people kept indicating there might
be a problem but when I stopped at the garage en-route I couldn't see
anything, and when stopped at the lights after I got back someone squirted
me with water pistols at the lights from a nearby car? bizzare. It was a very
good outing but my bums a little soar. So 4 1/2 hours (one hour break at
axy666's place) much fun :)


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